Friday, April 19, 2013

summary about Sweeney's Lit reader

I have complained a lot about some of the confusing stories in the book. Some of them took me long to understand them, and some of them, I still don't understand. However, writing about them on this blog helped me a lot. I didn't care if my understanding made sense or not but I were able to say something about a lot of the stories.
  There were a lot of interesting stories in it too, story that can relate to most of us. over all the book is not my favorite but Prof. Sweeney made it worth reading it, the games and this blog made it fun so I don't regret reading this book.

Dulce et Decorum Est

I have NO idea about the meaning of the title, and I have no idea what language that is but at least the rest of the poem is in English so I am able to figure out that it is about war. Experience is not needed to know how it's like at war, it is common sense however, this poem reminds us more about it the pain, the scream and how they have to handle that.
  I didn't find this poem interesting because it gave me hard time understanding it because I was trying so hard to find if it has meaning to it other than remind is us about the dark side of war. well I still couldn't find any other meaning to it but its good that we always remember how horrible war is.


  This another poem about reality of life, a great summary of our beginning and end and everything in between. According to this poem we start of with something simple, easy, fun then comes the struggle, the real deal of life, time that changes how we think, time that determines our future, our end. This stage makes us different from each other, writes a story about who we are and that story stays or fades depending on who we become. When the end comes we all go to the same destination as if we were all the same. I LOVE THIS POEM, I don't know if my interpretation makes sense but for me, I get the point :)

After Apple Picking

        When I read this poem, I said oh OK he picks apple, probably that is what he does everyday. From what he said he gets tired of it and because of that he is even dreaming about it. It sounds like a regular story a person tells to his friend about his day or week but in my opinion this poem has a good message behind it. It touches our daily life, how we need to see or do new things, do something different and better that just get up in the morning and go to school or work and come back home, sleep and do the same routine everyday. This would be a surprise but I liked this poem this time not for its length but its point.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The road not taken

I don't know if anyone agrees to this but in my opinion, this poem's main point is Trial & Error. According to the poem, he chose the road that no one used and he says he can get back to the other road next time. As far as my understanding is concerned, he chose the road because its different. I agree with the fact that we don't have to do what others do but sometimes there are(right) reasons why people don't choose that road and we have to consider that too. But overall it has a good point, we choose one way, if it is wrong we go back and start over using the other way because life is all about EXPLORATION AND ADVENTURE

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Death, be not proud

This is not my favorite poem mainly because of the English. I can never pronounce those words perfectly. The worst part is I miss the main point of the poem trying to ready the (thou, dost , thee, canst...) words. However, good thing I gave up on the pronunciation, now I know that the poem means something, something about not being afraid of death, not making it a big deal.

Poem....We real cool

This is the shortest poem in our book so my blog will be as short as the poem. I somehow liked this poem, it is so true and I liked her closing phrase "We die soon". The poet pretty much wrote about what happened "We left school", what is happening, and what is going to happen "We die soon". All this on one very short and brief poem.